Gone Fishing

a play in three acts by E P Csirmaz

We really enjoyed this involving and atmospheric play. We particularly enjoyed the wonderfully theatrical and memorable scene in which Percy and Helen are fishing for junk. The human story and its focus on loss is skilfully executed and very moving.
Feedback from Soho Theatre, London
Your writing is rhythmic and shows a subtle sensitivity to human interchange
Feedback from Hampstead Theatre, London

A mother, a son returning to make amends, and a father long departed, but still there with them...

HELEN FISCHER. A somewhat short woman in her early 60s.
ANGIE. Helen's neighbour in her mid-50s. An immediately likeable lady. There is a trace of Jamaican English in her speech.
PERCY FISCHER. Helen's son in his late 30s.
HARRY FISCHER. Helen's husband of the same age as Helen. He is tallish, speaks little and under his breath. He uses a wheelchair.
GARY. Percy's boyfriend in his mid-40s.
BORS JUNIOR. A delivery boy; aged 17.

That day... the day you told us, I fell. I fell, you know, and couldn't get up any more. So I was thinking... a lot. And I was waiting for you to come and see me amid the bags and boxes of junk your mother began to collect... to see me as the crippled king of this waste land, sitting in the middle of the room, playing that he was fishing empty tins of baked beans out of a sea of discoloured magazines and rotting apple peels.

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