Elod Pal Csirmaz


I work as an engineer and have a keen interest in artificial intelligence, algebra, filesystems and computer science in general, as well as in creative writing and literary criticism.


  • Computer Science
    Algebraic File Synchronization: Adequacy and Completeness By Elod Csirmaz and Laszlo Csirmaz. A new paper on the algebra of data synchronisation which contains stronger and more rigorous results than before, and extends their scope to more data types. We investigate the algebraic properties of filesystem command sequence pairs that are applicable to the same data structure, and use these results to show that the reconciliation problem has a unique maximal solution. The syntactical properties of this solution also allow for an efficient algorithm to produce it. Available on arXiv.org. More »
  • Diagram of neural network
    Interpreting Neural Networks by Reducing Nonlinearities during Training A short paper and sample code demonstrating a simple solution that makes it possible to extract rules from a neural network that employs Parametric Rectified Linear Units (PReLUs). We introduce a force, applied in parallel to backpropagation, that aims to reduce PReLUs into the identity function, which then causes the neural network to collapse into a smaller system of linear functions and inequalities suitable for review or use by human decision makers.
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