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  • Superloop RNN models
    Superloop: Complex RNN Models A "superloop" is an extra loop that connects the output of a recursive neural network (RNN) back to its input in the next timestep via one or more external systems. This project contains: a framework to build RNNs with a superloop in TensorFlow/Keras, an implementation of a simple gated recurrent unit, an implementation of a register-based memory unit, and an implementation of an attention system that allows the network to move freely along the input data. More »
  • Trainable clustering
    Trainable Online Clustering Exploring recognizing unseen clusters with a neural network. Given an initial, labeled batch of data, we aim to train a system that is capable of classifying a stream of data and recognizing new classes it has not yet seen. More and get the code »
  • Image of PHP code
    PHP_Beautifier filters Filters for PHP_Beautifier that keep empty lines in the source, break argument lists and arrays into multiple lines, or change how assignment operators are spaced.
  • Part of NetArranger Screenshot
    NetArranger A JavaScript library that can arrange the nodes of a directed graph, network or diagram. Download or contribute to the source, or get the compiled library from GitHub, or check it out live in action.
  • ESFS logo
    ESFS A filesystem in C based on FUSE that supports snapshots. More »

More projects

  • nn_rnd_training Train neural nets using smart random walk without backpropagation (TensorFlow).
  • Manatee Manatee checks whether the expected values (means) of two samples are significantly different using bootstrapping.
  • ComfySQL is a PHP convenience class for MySQL databases.
  • SQLBrite is a PHP convenience class for SQLite3 access.
  • EdnaScript is a JavaScript (ES5) preprocessor that makes it easy to write object-oriented code.

Earlier projects

Some old pieces of software for MS-DOS systems

Use the DosBox emulator to run these applications